MSB00 and I are thinking of taking up poetry.

Poetry, do-ih-tree.
We think we have it figured out. From studying such great poets as Lil' Jon and the Eastside Boys and Dr. Seuss, it's fair enough to say we've gleaned enough knowledge of poetry to last us through the century. So without further adieu, I give to you, Spencer and msboo. ... It's a poetry slam, BITCH.

How come you seem so close
Yet you’re really so far
every night now I put on my hose
and go to a bar.

Fire! What fire
You extinguished my heat
When you left me for
The streets

And now in sorrow
I await tomorrow
So far
In a bar.

• • •

Why is the silence so loud
Why are my tears so dry
Why are the winters so hot
Summers so cold
Life so short
Death so old?

• • •

Beer bottle—awaiting
Oblivion descending
Heaven receding
Hell inviting

Me! Frightening!

• • •

Since night is light
and dogs like to fight
I might have to love
your sister in the night.

Since night is light
and I felt a slight
coming from your mouth
what bitch? wanna fight?

• • •

Sex is pure
So is a cure
For cancer?
Give me an answer
Now bitch
Before I use
The craft of witch
To bury your goddamn
Dog in the ditch

• • •

Silence is loud
What's said is told
Young is old
Shame is proud

Switchblades are dull
Fat is thin
Excitement is lull
I'll never use
Oxymorons again.

• • •

You said I was ugly
You are
Not so much ugly
as you are
and smug..ly.

I said you love me
and you said no
It hurts like a knife
going through a wood flo'.

Tell me the answers
if I ask
And only
if I ask.

• • •

If J.K. Rowling
were my mom
I'd put a
On her bitch ass.

... Thanks everyone. I'm glad msboo and I could open up and let out our true feelings with some fucking kick-ass poetry. Stay tuned, as poetry has overcome my emotions and will be spilling out my pores ... whores. Chores. Doors. I want mores.

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