The boy is bad, I tell you. I'm thinking an LSU/Florida national championship, with LSU pulling it off in a really really close game.

To: You
From: Guess
Date: Duh
Subject: [Insert 30 seconds of thinking up a vapid subject line.]

Wow. Is it just me, or doesn't it suck when you go out on a Sunday night and drink so much that, when you wake up in the morning, you forgot you went anywhere and wonder why your tongue feels like sandpaper, you're out of cigarettes, and wondering how in the hell all those crumbs got in your bed? Maybe it's just me. All I have to say is that xanax and liquid cocaines are a deadly combination. Like bad.

Well, despite getting two out of the Final Four right, my bracket is officially on its way to the outskirts of Pulaski County, where I'm sure it'll find a cozy place, nestled somewhere between some baby's dirty diaper and and old t-shirt dampened with beer-puke. I did have Florida and LSU in the Final Four, which places me in first place in my group on the ESPN challenge (out of over 300 people). However, overall, my rank is, like, 75,000th. Do they give any prizes for 75,000th place? A keychain or something? Damn.

• • •

How's everyone been? I've kinda been down lately, hence the sporadic posts. But it's the weather and my girlfriend. Her family's going through a lot of problems and, when you've been with someone for almost five years on and off, they kinda become your problems. But I'm all better now. I got outta town this weekend for a little bit, and I need that.

• • •

Oh yeah, and to answer that question lingering in everybody's mind, I got ARRESTED for an unpaid traffic ticket. I didn't think it was everybody's business, but I mean shit. I've gotten numerous e-mails from people. "So WHAT did you get arrested for?" Like I'm hiding something or something.

• • •

I watched the encore episode of the latest South Park where Chef comes back, leaves, then ultimately falls off the bridge, is mauled by a mountain lion and bear, and shot. I must say, it's a lot funnier the second time. A lot. During the first time I saw it, every time I heard Chef talk, It just kinda fucked me up because they were piecing together his lines, but once you get past that, it's pretty hilarious.

I'm out. Maybe more later.

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