Sweaty McGruff

My sweaty-arm-pit brethren. Rise and take over the world with your repugnant malodor.

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It's confession time, and why I feel so comfortable letting tons of people (more like about 80) know this, I'm not sure. However, I'm certain that if I've met you in person, you've noticed and just not said anything. But I suffer from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating. It fucking sucks, too. But I know there are people out there just like me. Come on. Show yourself. Lift up your arms with pride.

Mine's kinda weird, though. A lot of times, I'll only sweat under one arm, which I think is fucking crazy. But look at some of these stats. I didn't know I was one in 7.8 million with the problem. (I really believe I'm gonna regret writing this shit. Oh well, laugh all you want. I'll shove your face in my arm pit next time I see you.)

• Hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, affects a much larger proportion of the U.S. population than previously reported, according to new research.
• An estimated 7.8 million people in the United States suffer from hyperhidrosis.
• People suffering from hyperhidrosis experience excessive sweating on the underarms, palms of hands, soles of feet and the face, to name a few places.
• Cold, wet handshakes, soiled or damaged shirts, papers and shoes are just some of the symptoms of hyperhidrosis.
Anxiety and stress often accompany hyperhidrosis, as well.
• The results [of a survey] suggest that in axillary hyperhidrosis, sweating often impedes normal daily activities and can result in occupational, emotional, psychological, social and physical impairment in a substantial proportion of individuals.
• Prior to this survey, there was very little research available regarding the prevalence or impact of hyperhidrosis.
• The prevalence rates were significantly higher among people 25-64, which is the prime working-age population.
• Females are far more likely to discuss their condition with a health care professional (47.5 percent of women versus 28.6 percent of men.)

It's pretty embarrassing, to say the least. Oh well, you can either joke about it, or cry about it. I usually joke (then cry when I get home). I'll post in a little while, there's just kind of a dearth of story ideas right now.

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Lindsay said...


Your Girl Arkansas said...

Botox injected in the sweaty area will cure that. For real.

Your Girl Arkansas said...

Also, I've never noticed you sweating. It's probably not as bad as you think.
Then again, as Lindsay said: EW.

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