My babies were in the newspaper ...

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From: Hi, my name is Spencer
Date: Yesteryear
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Well my boss is gone for a week and a half. Thank god.

I really don't know what to say today. I'm not that pissed off about anything. Hmmm... Strange. OOHH! I know what I can talk about.

The Arkansas Times (alternative newsweekly for liberals, www.arktimes.com) had a picture of my baby girls on their cover last week. Headline: "PAIN for the pain doctors: But it's the patients who really get hurt by the war on drugs." They have a picture of OxyContin (one of my babies), Dilaudid and Percocet.

Doug Smith, a writer with the Times — who I might add has a prodigious vocabulary, interviewed Dr. Robert Kale, an anesthesiologist trained in pain management. Kale hates the DEA, and for good reason. I'll let him tell you:

"Meth is the big [drug] problem, not Oxycontin. But the DEA likes to go after doctors, not the people making meth. Doctors are in air-conditioned offices, and they don't carry guns. That's a lot better than going out in tick-infested woods looking for somebody who may be armed and hostile. Also, doctors are easily intimidated. So DEA, being the cowards and scum that they are, goes after doctors instead."

Wow ... Couldn't have said it better myself. For those of you who can't tell, I'm a fan of opioids, mainly Vicodin. I like Oxycontin, but I can hardly ever find it — thanks to goddamn DEA agents like Kale mentions.

I'm out for now, I'll post in a little while.


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