Holy shit ... Go K-Fed! Go K-Fed!

How can you not feel totally fuckin' awesome after looking at this photo?

To: Tha Fans
From: K-Fed Fanatic
Date: Yeah, whateva
Subject: [Insert 30 seconds of thinking up a vapid subject line.]

There are times when music is magical. Inspiring. Touching. All that shit. PopoZao by K-Fed is ALL of it. I mean, OMG, listening to his music makes me want to, like, kill babies and eat koala bears for lunch.

Don’t come to me with this Kevin Federline shit. It’s K-Fed. Kaaaaaaaay Feddddd. Awesome. Why does he get the cool name? I guess he was just born to have good prefixes in his name.

OK, all seriousness aside, the new song ... I love it. He has the lyrical flow of Q-Tip, the enunciation of Talib Kweli and the clever syntax of Sage Francis. Then, after a second listen, it sounds more like Ferris Bueller with Latin flava — which equals totally fuckin’ RAD.

(Yes, I just said rad. Sorry, it won’t happen again.)

Yo, I’m out, but I’ll be back. -- Ice Cube, Predator


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Monstro said...

I can't say for sure why Kevin Federline changed his name to K-Fed. "The Fed" part I can understand because as we all know Alan Greenspan is AWESOME. He controls money, which means that he controls ethics. But why the K?

Then it hit me. You can't spell rap without the k. It's like integral and shit.