NGAS -- the new disease

To: Girl
From: Boy
Date: Babies
Subject: [Insert 30 seconds of thinking up a vapid subject line

I love awkwardness. The uhhh's and ahhh's and oh yeah's. Love 'em. I, myself, don't take joy in feeling awkward per se. However, I love making others feel awkward.

Today, I guess, karma is sticking her nasty little foot in my ass for all the awkward times I've caused for others. I was the jackass that fucked with the new people. All in fun, though. But now, I wish I hadn't. Yes, I have the "new guy" awkward syndrome. You know, the phobia where you actually ponder asking permission to go to the bathroom, or to sit down or to look at, God forbid, a Web site that's not work-related.

It's all self inflicted. The people around me are cool as hell. It's just a matter of knowing what pushes people's buttons — and what'll get you bitch-slapped. Mastering this knowledge takes time. A few lunches, then, if you're lucky, an after-work drink or two (or three or twenty) and in no time, you're part of the family — whether that's a good thing has yet to be determined.


Your Girl Arkansas said...

You do have to ask Paul's permission to use the restroom. He usually says no.

Lindsay said...

You'll prolly adjust soon enough.

Anonymous said...

You're just upset that you won't be able to catch a glance of me walking through the hall, or help carry boxes downstairs, or listen when I call to talk about the idiots we work with....
Get over it!!