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I was kinda in a bad mood this morning, so just like I do every time I'm not in a good mood, I listen to Bill Hicks. No matter how mad I am, I can't help but laugh. One reason I like listening to him so much is because I agree with the majority of things he says. It's also amazing to me how things he said 10-12 years ago are still extremely relative today.

One of my favorite tracks on his CD "Rant in E-Minor" is the one about patriotism. He suggests changing the face of our flag, replacing the stars and stripes with pictures of our parents fucking. Now if that wouldn't make people cringe when saying the Pledge of Allegiance, I don't know what would.

Personally (concurring with Bill Hicks), I hate patriotism. To me it's another form of religion and another way to judge people. My question is this: How can anyone love our country right now? Honestly.

I hate how the goddamn government reiterates every time they can that the Army is fighting for our country and our freedom. Bullshit. I also hate how protesting the war will draw remarks such as, "How can you turn your back on your country and our soldiers when they're fighting for you?" or "You're a fucking traitor."

Fighting for me? Pshhh... Traitor? OK numbnuts, this isn't the 18th century. Just because I don't pitch a tent in my pants when the flag is raised, I'm a fucking traitor? Well, then I guess you should prepare to hang, draw and quarter me.

I think patriotism, to an extent, is healthy. I sincerely want to love my country. But I'd be a fucking liar if I said I did. Sometimes I fake it because, really, I don't feel like engaging in a deep conversation every minute of every day.

Then again, maybe I'm looking at our country the wrong way. Should I look at it like I look at my brother, the fuck up? No matter how many times he gets drunk and wants to fight me, or yell at his kids, or start shit with my dad, I still love him. He tries to do right. Then, of course, numerous times he knows what he's doing is wrong and he does it with a smile on his face.

I don't know, but I'm tired of arguing with myself.

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Msb00 said...

patriotism is for losers, I agree. People who have nothing else to hold onto. It's the bottom of the barrel, folks.

Hicks does rule.

"Hey buddy, my daddy died in the Korean War for that flag.
Oh really...I bought mine."
-Bill Hicks